WordPress 5.2 Site Health

With the release of WordPress 5.2 a new tool has been introduced into WordPress, Site Health. The new Site Health tool can be found by going to Tools > Site Health from within the dashboard.

Site Health

After clicking the Site Health link you will then be presented with a new admin page. On first glance you will see your site health percentage score, a Status, and an Info tab.

Site health screen

WordPress will give you a list of suggestions based on their criteria of what a healthy site is. Once you have made any needed fixes, you should a Great Job! screen.

Site Health Great Job!

Depending on you host or unique site setup, 100% may not always be attainable. This does not necessarily mean your site is unhealthy, but it is something you may want to consult with your developer.

By default here is what WordPress will check for:

  • Version of WordPress
  • Server directory information
  • If there are any Drop-ins
  • Your active theme and if it’s up to date
  • Any other themes and their status
  • If you are using any Must Use Plugins and their status
  • Your installed plugins status
  • How media is being handled
  • Your server status
  • Your database status
  • WordPress Constants
  • Filesystem Permissions

Developer Candy

Along with this new tool comes actions and filters that will existing tests to be removed, and new tests to be added. This can be very handy for plugin and theme developers that need to make a place to check the health of their custom application.

Is this a Security Plugin Replacement?

While Site Health does give information that comes bundled in many existing site security tools, it is not a replacement for plugins such as Sucuri or Wordfence.

More Information

You can get more information on this new tool on Make WordPress. If you have any additional questions feel free to leave a comment, or contact me. If your site health isn’t up to par, reach out to see how I can help!