60 Day Blogging, Halfway Point

Today is day 31 of my 60DayBloggingChallenge. I’ve crossed into the second half of this challenge for myself and wanted to do a quick recap and look ahead. I’ve written on a variety of topics to this point including faith, and the outdoors, I’ve primarily though focused on WordPress related topics; specifically around page builders and the block editor.

I would say the most unique post from a development perspective and not necessarily the content itself would probably be my Mar10 post. I was able to use a css library that I’ve wanted to use for sometime just because it was something I thought was cool. I don’t know of another situation where I will be able to build with that combo so I jumped at the chance. That is one benefit to playing with writing content, it gives you a chance to experiment with some things that are outside the “normal box” of things.

Writing a blog post on a variety of topics every day does not necessarily lend itself to being as thorough as I would like to be. It can take hours to plan, research, and write a highly informational and detailed post. That’s time that between my normal work projects and family that can be hard to come by. As a result many of the posts are 10,000 foot view flyovers of any given topic. Something to quickly hit on the big details of a given topic. I was able to slow that pace down a bit in the block editor posts, and begin to look at little chunks at a time each day. Being able to do that may come with experience of writing on a regular basis and if so then I am gaining benefit from this experiment. All that to say my most thorough, though admittedly maybe more at a 5,000 foot view is my post on building a block from scratch. More details could have been fleshed out more, and gone into deeper but to cover the range of material that was covered in that post I felt it sufficient. Maybe not for a complete novice to follow, but someone familiar with WordPress and react could navigate it fine.

I hope in the remaining days of this challenge to finish out some posts I have lined up on the block editor, explore more topics outside of web development, use the block editor in some creative ways in making the posts, but ultimately continue using WordPress as a user to better help myself as a developer build better projects for my clients. If you’ve been following along with this journey thank you for your time. Hopefully I’ve written something interesting or useful and will continue doing so.