Another Gutenberg Transition Tool

It wasn’t long after WordPress released the initial Gutenberg plugin that somebody released a plugin called Glutenberg. It was a stab at Gutenberg and promised to remove its functionality. After a few month time Automattic released the Classic Editor plugin that will allow you to turn off Gutenberg for your entire site. Overall you do want to be using the Gutenberg editor after its release. With WordPress though on millions of sites and the creative developers out there working on those sites, there also does need to be a way to opt out of something as drastic of a change as Gutenberg to help transition these full featured sites.

The WordPress VIP team just took the idea of the Classic Editor plugin, and stepped it up a notch. They have created Gutenberg Ramp to help sites in their transition to Gutenberg. Gutenberg Ramp allows you by post type, or even by post ID to choose where you want to disable the Gutenberg editor. This is an amazing feature and one that will make the transition much smoother for developers and users into Gutenberg. Check out this video bellow the VIP team put together showing how the plugin works.

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