Block Patterns

Block patterns are another helpful tool within the WordPress block editor. Block patterns are essentially a preset group of blocks that can be used to build out your pages content. Once inserted into your content area you can input your content, remove, or add additional blocks to the pattern.

Block patterns can be found in the block inserter under the “Block Patterns” tab (easy enough).

Within the Block Patterns panel you will see a search field, a category drop down, and a preview of available patterns. The default categories are Featured, Buttons, Columns, Footers, Gallery, Headers, Text, Query, and Uncategorized. Depending on your active theme and plugins you may see more or less of these categories. Some themes will choose to remove the default block patterns in favor of offering their own reusable templates, styled specifically to the specific theme.

Another place to find block patters is the WordPress Block Pattern Directory There you can find interesting and useful patterns that you can copy and paste into your content. This offers an amazing way to use prebuilt layouts without having to install a new plugin, saving you time and possibly money in the process.