Another Gutenberg Transition Tool

It wasn’t long after WordPress released the initial Gutenberg plugin that somebody released a plugin called Glutenberg. It was a stab at Gutenberg and promised to remove its functionality. After a few month time Automattic released the Classic Editor plugin that will allow you to turn off Gutenberg for your entire site. Overall you do… Read more »

wp_trim_words = Mind Blown!

I just ran across a super useful function in WordPress and had to write a post about it. You may be like what’s the big deal? But I’ve been building WordPress themes for a few years now and somehow I’m just now discovering this little gem. wp_trim_words( $text, $num_words = 55, $more = null ); When Should I Use That? First off… Read more »

Online Learning

I’m a huge fan of online learning. If it hadn’t been for online learning, I would not be in the web industry in the first place. Let me give you a little backstory. My original degree was in building race cars for the NASCAR industry, I graduated though in the middle of the recession in… Read more »

Adding Custom Fields

WordPress is about to turn 15 years old. What started out as a simple blogging platform has turned into a full blown CMS. No CMS would be complete without custom fields for specific data. As a quick example you may want to have a grouping of data about books. Every book has a title, an… Read more »

Gutenberg Disruption

Gutenberg has not even been officially released yet and is already causing disruption in the WordPress ecosystem. Before I get too deep into this post I want to preface it by saying I am a fan of Gutenberg, and I believe in the long run its going to do great things for WordPress. I believe… Read more »

Creating a Custom Post Type

A power house feature of WordPress is custom post types. When a page, or a post is just too basic for the content needed WordPress allows the creation of a custom post type. In this article we are going to look at the creation of a custom post type in WordPress, I’ll follow that up… Read more »

My Favorite Chrome Extensions

As a developer there are many items that come in and out of my toolkit that help me do my job on a day to day basis. As my skills evolve or as tools evolve so does my toolkit. Like many developers my go to browser is Chrome. Chrome by default has some of the… Read more »

Adding Crop Dimensions to the Featured Image Message

The WordPress featured image field is a very powerful tool within WordPress. Even the best tools can be improved on though. Many times it can be very helpful to give a set of recommend dimensions to the user. Giving this information can help the client adjust their image to make sure it looks exactly as… Read more »

Preparing for Gutenberg

WordPress recently released 4.9.5, putting us even closer to the projected 5.0 release of its new editor project named Gutenberg. Gutenberg will radically change the way content on WordPress sites is managed. My personal take on it is after the dust settles Gutenberg will change WordPress for the better. With any change though should come… Read more »