Happy Mar10 Day!

Today is March 10th, aka Mar10 day!


Since I was kid in the early 90s I have spent countless hours playing not only Super Mario Bros, but many other Mario titles along the way. Mario was one of my earliest introductions to the tech world and to gaming. On the original NES I remember playing Super Mario, Balloon Fight, Battletoads, among others, oh, and don’t forget Duck Hunt!


It’s amazing to see how far games in general have come since the NES. Graphics on some games have blurred the line between looking like a game and looking like you’re watching a live sporting event. I do miss though at times the simplicity of playing NES games and from time to time will pull out the mini NES console I have. It’s preloaded with multiple nintendo titles, but pretty much the only reason I bought it was for playing Super Mario Bros.

I think I will wrap up Mar10 day by pulling out that mini console and playing an old classic for a bit!

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