Online Learning

I’m a huge fan of online learning. If it hadn’t been for online learning, I would not be in the web industry in the first place. Let me give you a little backstory.

My original degree was in building race cars for the NASCAR industry, I graduated though in the middle of the recession in 2008. Instead of teams hiring, they were laying off leaving me with a degree I couldn’t use. I spent several years though knocking on race shop doors trying to get my foot in the door and talking to as many as I could with no luck. In the mean time I was also working as an aluminum fabricator for a local sign shop.

During my years pursing a career in racing I had also began learning web basics through W3 schools and my interest continued to grow and grow around the industry. At this point in my life I wasn’t in a position where I could quit my full time job so I decided to take online courses full time at night. After a couple years of late nights and dedication I finally got my degree and web job a week before graduation.

Online learning done for me what a traditional education, partly due to circumstances couldn’t do, it helped land me a job.

While my degree was a stepping stone into the web development industry I soon discovered just how vast the web world was and that I would need to constantly be learning if I was going to maintain my skills and stay relevant. I’ve tried multiple learning platforms and have learned much from most of them but the one I’m constantly coming back to is Treehouse.

Treehouse has given me a wealth of knowledge over the years. I will say though the biggest area I’m disappointed in them is they aren’t really releasing any new WordPress content which is a big bummer. What WordPress content they do have though is amazing, and where they begin to fall short I suggest looking into their former WordPress teacher, Zac Gordon’s courses.

With all that said the entire point of this article is to do two things, inspire you to continue learning, and hopefully let me refer you to treehouse.