Page Builders – Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is one of the most popular page builders in WordPress and I believe for good reason. Yesterday we looked at SiteOrigin page builder, which is installed on over +900,000 sites. Beaver Builder lite is installed on 200,000+ sites with more using their premium plugin.

Both are popular plugins, and after using SiteOrigin for a time we made a switch to Beaver Builder. So lets dig into this one.


Beaver Builder starts out for free. With the free version of the plugin you get some nice features like their row modules, and standard modules, outside of those basic options you’ll either need to buy their pro license or build your own modules. The pro version of Beaver Builder comes in multiple pricing points starting at $99/year and going all the way to $546/year (yikes!). Once you get above the $99/year service you start getting into things like their theme and support options and for this article I’m only interested in the plugin, so we’ll just consider the “Standard” plan. Beaver Builder supplies a great in depth article on not just their basic modules that come in the free version, but also their advanced modules and it’s well worth a look when considering the plugin


We were looking at beaver builder because at the time it’s front-end editing was and still is one of the best that there is. We needed to be able to build custom modules for our projects, and the documentation helped us do just that. Currently I maintain a property management plugin and in it, I have support for beaver builder modules. Their developer docs are top notch and can give you the tools to give yourself or clients the custom modules that they need.

Of page builders Beaver Builder would be in my top 2. If you’re using it or thinking about it you’re in a good position. What level of the plugin you need will depend on how useful you find their add-ons but if you want to build your own suite of modules with beaver builder as the base you can absolutely do that.