Page Builders – Block Editor

With the introduction of gutenberg, now called the block editor it’s fair to ask do you even need a page builder plugin? In the early development cycle of block editor that answer was a strong yes, you do still need a page builder if you are looking for that type of experience. As the block editor has improved the lines are becoming a bit more blurred.

Over the next several posts I want to look a bit deeper at the block editor than the time I’ve devoted to the other builders. The reason for that is the block editor does seem to be the priority in the WordPress ecosystem. Page builder plugins are coming up with solutions to work with the block editor and with all of the attention it’s receiving its worth taking a deep dive on.

I want to look at the block editor, the gutenberg plugin, building the same block a number of different ways, and full site editing and should you use the block editor over a page builder?