Read Your Bible

This Sunday morning was a bit different than a typical Sunday morning. Daylight Savings Time began (thank goodness!) and as is normal not everyones clock get’s moved forward an hour ahead. That always causes a few to run late. We also had a wintery mix of snow and sleet this morning that would cause some to be uncomfortable to drive. The combination unfortunately hurt attendance on a day when a very important message was preached.

The main passage was from 2 Kings 22, and the narrative describes how during a time of repairing God’s temple, the law that had once been lost was found. The very words of God, the God that the temple was built to worship in the first place, had been lost. As a result the worship of false gods and idols had come into the life of the people and into the temple.

While repairing the temple the law was found, and it’s words led the King to repentance and action to right the wrongs of the nation. It was a reminder to us to not lose the reading and study of our bibles, the Word of God. Unfortunately we live in a time where bible literacy is at it’s lowest and there are things that are very reflective of that in society. That’s not to say things have been right in the past, but there has been a moral decline in society as there has been a departure from bible literacy.

Our pastor encouraged us to be in our bibles often. As I though on that I wanted to give a few pointers on how to build a habit of bible reading.

1. Set Aside A Time

If you have a constant time everyday to read the bible, it will establish a good pattern in your life that can build in a very helpful habit.

2. Set A Purpose

There are some people who like to read through the bible in a year, some focus on studying out specific passages. While I do think there is always a place for deep study on a passage, that might not be the easiest thing to do when starting a pattern of reading. Start small, read a chapter or two, or more a day of the of Psalms, or one of the Gospels. Or just start in Genesis and work through at your own pace through the end of the book, and move on to the next one. With a regular pattern you can be through the bible quicker than you realize.

3. Set Up Accountability

Talk through with someone what you are reading to help keep you accountable. As you discuss your passage it can even help both of you grow.

4. Select A Reading Tool

There are several tools out there designed to help you read scripture. Some bibles have reading plans printed in them, there are plans you can print off and follow. There are apps with built in plans like the YouVersion Bible app. This app is one of my personal favorites that will allow you to set up a plan that you can read by yourself or with others with a discussion features, and it will remind you every day at a set time to read your plan.

Don’t just read though to check the box of “I read my bible today” read intentionally. Pray about what you are reading and try to gain wisdom and insight on what the passage is getting across. Then once you read it, apply it, reread it, share it with others.