Reusable Blocks

Have you ever had a component that you needed to use over and over on a website? For example let’s say you had a call to action that you want to use across several product pages. With the block editor you could set up this CTA each time, on each page, which would work fine. If you ever want to change the CTA link, or content across your site you would potentially have to go into each page, make your content change, over and over and over again. The better approach to this would be to have a block that you could place with your content in it that is managed from one source of truth. That type of block is called a reusable block and is a core feature in the block editor. So let’s check out how to create one from

This site uses reusable blocks. At the time of this writing, there are pages where above the footer you will see a CTA directing you to my contact page. Here is that reusable block.

Let’s Build Your Site Together

Reusable blocks are a great too for optimizing how you edit your content. If you need help identifying areas that can be set up as a reusable block, use the above CTA example to get in touch and we’ll get a project started!