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  • Nathan-melech

    Sunday, our pastor continued his message series through the bible and the book of 2 Kings. In Chapter 23 there is mention of a servant of the king. ‘He did away with the horses that the kings of Judah had dedicated to the sun. They had been at the entrance of the Lord ’s temple […]

  • Saint Patrick’s Day

    Typically when we hear Saint Patrick’s Day many think of wearing green so you don’t get pinched, red haired leprechauns, green suits, green beer, green rivers, four leaf clovers, and a pot of gold somewhere in there. via GIPHY Amid all the modern festivities and traditions the meaning behind Saint Patrick’s Day and what he […]

  • Read Your Bible

    This Sunday morning was a bit different than a typical Sunday morning. Daylight Savings Time began (thank goodness!) and as is normal not everyones clock get’s moved forward an hour ahead. That always causes a few to run late. We also had a wintery mix of snow and sleet this morning that would cause some […]

  • Jesus Reveloution

    Tonight my wife and I watched the movie, Jesus Revolution. The movie looks at a time of revival in the 1970’s around the hippie movement, Chuck Smith, Lonnie Frisbee, Greg Laurie, and Calvary Chapel. It shows broken people looking for answers in things that feel good for a moment. Things that give a temporary high […]

  • Sunday Funday

    Time for another Sunday Service post! So the buzzword that’s been online the last few weeks in Christian circles has been revival. The revival meeting that started on the campus of Asbury has been well documented and discussed. The Jesus Revolution movie that looks at a time of revival in the United States in the […]

  • Baptist Men’s Day

    Today was Baptist Men’s day at our church. The service started with an all men’s choir that sang old hymns. I’ll Fly Away was the first song that was sung, that classic hymn was originally written in 1929 by Albert E. Brumley. The song is sung in many churches, has been recorded by multiple artists […]

  • Nehushtan

    It’s Sunday, which means its church day! This morning was a busy day in church and for us on the av team. Special songs from a family in the church, an all women’s choir, and an expository message from the pastor made for a great service. Today the message was from 2 Kings 18 and […]

  • Tech And The Church

    Believe it or not there is a disagreement in churches on the right way to handle an issue (sarcasm). The issue I want to address in this article is my feelings on using modern technology as a tool within the church. via GIPHY I’ve heard almost every argument that you can hear for and against […]

  • Sunday Service

    This week’s Sunday was different than normal. On a typical Sunday I attend only my church’s services. I usually work in some capacity running camera’s and our live stream, or manning the sound board. Over the past couple of weeks I was asked to help set up new video equipment for two other churches. I […]