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  • Page Builders – Block Editor

    With the introduction of gutenberg, now called the block editor it’s fair to ask do you even need a page builder plugin? In the early development cycle of block editor that answer was a strong yes, you do still need a page builder if you are looking for that type of experience. As the block […]

  • Page Builders – Elementor

    Elementor is currently my page builder of choice for multiple reasons. I use it on a majority of new site builds, and I recommend to those who ask about which page builder to go with. In all honesty any of the previously covered page builders will work for your site, some offer better features than […]

  • Page Builders – Divi

    If you spend much time around WordPress at some point you’re likely to come across Elegant Theme’s, Divi. I currently manage a couple dozen divi sites that serve a variety of purposes. Divi is hands down one of the slickest looking page builders on the market today, and visually there is no denying that divi […]

  • Page Builders – Beaver Builder

    Both are popular plugins, and after using SiteOrigin for a time we made a switch to Beaver Builder. So lets dig into this one. Price Beaver Builder starts out for free. With the free version of the plugin you get some nice features like their row modules, and standard modules, outside of those basic options […]

  • Page Builders – SiteOrigin

    Page Builder by SiteOrigin was the first true page builder plugin that I developed clients sites with. Before SiteOrigin I would use either custom fields within a custom template, custom HTML in the WYSIWYG, or using a plugin like Easy Foundation Shortcode to build a layout using at times an unwieldily amount of unreadable shortcodes. […]

  • Page Builders

    Before the block editor if you wanted to have any type of custom layout on a WordPress page your options were limited. You could write HTML in the WYSIWYG editor. You could use shortcodes for layout elements, or you could build a custom page template. All viable solutions within the correct context. For many though […]