Custom WordPress Themes

Your theme showcases your brand. Make sure you’re using the right one.

The “look” of your WordPress website comes from it’s theme. There are countless themes available for you to use “off the shelf”. Many themes are great out of the box and can help you get a site up and running quickly, some though can cause you to waste a lot of time if you’re not careful. There are benefits to using a prebuilt theme, they’re relatively inexpensive or in some cases free, and can come with some pretty useful tools built in.

A custom-built theme is “tailor made” for your organization. They are usually one-off builds, designed from concept to code to meet your branding needs. Proper time and planning goes into a custom theme, but it can be built to your exact needs and specifications.

So which is right? That depends on your unique situation. I’ve helped build hundreds of sites and I can help you navigate the best path for your site.

Let’s Build Your Site Together