Hosting on Flywheel

If you’re looking for WordPress hosting you’ve got several options to choose from. Nearly every web host these days has some kind of tool to install and run a WordPress site. Cost and features on these platforms can range greatly and it can be hard to narrow down what is best for you and your WordPress site.

This site, and other sites I help maintain are on a great service called Flywheel. Flywheel is a hosting service built specifically for WordPress. I’ll admit Flywheel wasn’t the first host I personally used. My original host was a bit cheaper than Flywheel, which seemed great but I soon came to see the value in a service like Flywheel. That may sound like Flywheel is expensive, but at the time of this writing Flywheel starts at only $14 a month.

So lets look at some of the benefits I’ve found in Flywheel.


Flywheel takes security extremely serious, and as a result they offer some pretty sweet features. If your site gets hacked and you have a bunch of nasty malware added, they not only fix it, they do it for free! This is an amazing feature, especially to me. One of my sites unfortunately was hacked and filled with malware on my previous host. My previous host offered no help, instead they did the opposite, THEY DELETED MY SITE. I was shocked at this and their reasoning was to prevent the hack from spreading. They offered no backups, nothing.

Another security feature that will save you money is they take care of security on a server level in a way that removed the need of additional security plugins that can lead to a ton of extra cost over the lifetime of a site.


Flywheel. Is. Fast. Flywheel has configured their servers to deliver sites, no matter the size blazingly fast. Part of this includes cache?from the server level removing the need for caching plugins, which?saves you money.


Flywheel runs nightly backups of your site every single night. Backups are extremely important to any website no matter the size, Flywheel ensures your site is backed up regularly. This also can replace the need for backup plugins, which?saves you money.


I could say more about Flywheel, but you could get more info by just checking them out yourself. If you’ve read enough to peak your interest check them out for FREE.?