My Favorite Chrome Extensions

As a developer there are many items that come in and out of my toolkit that help me do my job on a day to day basis. As my skills evolve or as tools evolve so does my toolkit. Like many developers my go to browser is Chrome. Chrome by default has some of the best developer tools on the web today. Even with all the goodies that come with Chrome, there are still some extensions out there that can make life easier and here are a few of my favorites.

Grid Ruler

Grid Ruler gives you simple photoshop like grid lines on your page. Simply click the extension icon, and begin dragging your grid lines on to your page. This helps you make sure things are aligned just as the designer intended.


ColorZilla adds a nice color picker to quickly grab a color anything in the browser.


JSON is everywhere now and if you’ve ever tried to view a JSON feed in your browser you know its next to impossible to view. JSONView?helps to remedy this issue by automatically recognizing a JSON feed and formatting it in an easy to ready layout.

Full Page Screen Capture

Have you ever needed a screen shot of a full web page and found your self stiching muliple images together in Photoshop? No more. Full Page Screen Capture?quickly grabs a screen shop of an entire web page from top to bottom. (It’s also how I grabbed the screen shots on my portfolio projects).

WordPress Admin Bar Control

The WordPress admin bar can be a very handy tool, but it can also cause a bit of a distraction when you’re building sites. WordPress Admin Bar Control lets you easily toggle the bar on and off.


I’ve only recently discovered loom and I’ve got to say I’m a big fan. Loom allows you to record your screen, or your app window, and yourself if you like. Once you make your recording the video is saved on the Loom website and a link can be shared for others to see. The best part, its free.?