60 Day Blogging Challenge, Day 1

Today is day 1 of challenging myself to write a blog post a day for 60 days. As I mentioned in my site update post, I do not consider myself a writer. I’ve heard native English speakers joke over the years that they feel like they barely have a grasp of the language and I usually relate to that. With that being said over the years from time to time I do take an interest in writing. Whether that be a long form social media post, or writing articles for other blogs, something about completing an article does bring about a bit of satisfaction for me.

Part of me is a little nervous about this undertaking, part of me is excited to see what comes of it. Initially I thought about only blogging about web development for this challenge. I certainly could do that, and considering this site is dedicated more to my career as a web developer it would make sense. I decided against that though, and to allow myself to write about any topic. I may even find a niche in the process. So I hope you will join me for this journey, and leave any feedback or even a writing challenge for me in the comments, and if you are looking for website services reach out through my contact page!