Day 60

Well, here we are, day 60 of my 60 day blogging challenge. It has for sure been outside of my norm, but I feel like doing things outside of what we normally do is a way to grow. I wasn’t sure what all I would write about during the 60 days. For the most part I kept the articles to the primary scope of this site and talked about web development. Some days I would write about my faith, and other articles were a random mix of what I might have been thinking about at the time.

Part of why I wanted to do this was to understand WordPress more as a user, this may have come with my own already familiarity with the product goes but I felt the process was smooth. It also made me appreciate the block editor a bit more. There are things that I felt were missing at times, but overall the block editor is solid.

I started this exercise to use WordPress more as a user, what I came away with was more of an understanding of what it takes to be a good writer. Most of my articles were written in a quick, “got to get it done” fashion so I could check the box of daily article written. It worked for some articles, others I believe the rush shows. It takes time to write good, quality content. It takes thought to draft out, pour over, correct, revise, and publish a useful article. It’s something that I might continue to visit, but in a way that conduces itself more in line with writing with quality than with quantity.