In my previous post, instead of doing a written blog I embeded a tutorial video. I did this with one my favorite tools, Loom. Loom will record you and your screen, allowing you to communicate to other’s in a way that I believe is more convenient for both parties.

I primarily use loom to record project progress to pass along, and to give tutorials to clients. Most of the people that have received my loom videos have praised their benefit, and in many cases have asked for additional training videos on an add needed basis. Instead of sitting for hours in a training meeting, I can knock out a video in around 5 minutes or so depending on the content.

Loom does a free and paid version, it also include a mobile and desktop app, and also a browser extension. It’s a tool that I feel is well worth the price and have used the paid version for several years now.

If there is a WordPress related question you have that you would like a loom training video on, hit me up on the contact page or in the comments!