Creating A Block Pattern: Block Pattern Directory Tool

The first tool we are going to look at when creating a block pattern is not dependent on a theme or plugin you have to install, but can be done simply in the browser. We are going to look at creating a block pattern, from the Block Pattern Directory itself.

The first step is to navigate to from there you will click the “Create a new pattern” link.

From there you will be propmted to create, or login to your account. Once logged in you will be taken to a block editor, with a guided walkthrough.

With the block editor, you are able to access standard blocks, and build out your pattern. Once you create a pattern it will have to be approved to be published to the block library, once it is published you and others can search for and use it.

While the block is pending distribution to others, you are still able to copy the block for personal use. Here is the example I created with the tool.

It’s important to note, that while blocks can be copied and used from the block directory to your site, your theme may impact some of the visual aspects of the block, so while the block can get you started, you may need to tweak it once you’ve put it in your post.

So, without an extra plugin we have a great tool that can be used to create block patterns for use on not just a single but multiple sites, and one that can contribute to the WordPress community as a whole.

Once your block pattern has been approved, it will display with the patterns directory.

If you would like to use the pattern created above you can find it here