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  • Reusable Blocks

    Block patterns are great when you want a starting template of blocks to start plugging content into. If you want a set of blocks that remain the same from page to page that can be reused and edited from one spot, that is where reusable blocks come in handy. Let’s do a visual walkthrough of […]

  • Creating A Block Pattern with register_block_pattern

    Creating block patterns with plugins, or with the pattern directory tool is great. It offers a quick clean method for site owners to build their patterns with a visual tool and not have to dig into the code. For some clients they may just want to grab something from a collection of premade blocks patterns. […]

  • Creating A Block Pattern: BlockMeister – Block Pattern Builder

    BlockMeister – Block Pattern Builder is the next plugin I want to look into for building out block patterns. Unlike the previous plugin reviewed, this one is actively maintained by it’s developer. This plugin has both a free version and various levels of paid versions ranging from $19.99 – $99.99 a year. Some of the […]

  • Creating A Block Pattern: Block Pattern Builder

    When doing some research on this series Block Pattern Builder was a plugin that consistently came up. At first I dismissed it because it no longer appears to be actively maintained. It’s last update at the time of this writing was 3 years ago, and was last tested at WordPress version 5.5.11 (currently at 6.1.1). […]

  • Creating A Block Pattern: Block Pattern Directory Tool

    The first tool we are going to look at when creating a block pattern is not dependent on a theme or plugin you have to install, but can be done simply in the browser. We are going to look at creating a block pattern, from the Block Pattern Directory itself. The first step is to […]

  • Creating A Block Pattern

    The resources available for prebuilt block patterns is growing constantly. These prebuilt solutions give you a quick set of go to tools to build out your pages. Sometimes though the available block patterns do not fit your exact content needs and you need to create your own block pattern. There are a few ways of […]

  • Block Pattern Directory

    The block pattern directory is an amazing tool for site editors to be aware of. It’s a collection of block patterns that you can browse, copy, and paste to your site without the need of installing a new theme or additional plugins. You can search for patterns by keywords, or browse through categories to select […]

  • Using Block Patterns

    Using block patterns on a web page is fairly straight forward. With just a few clicks you can have a complete layout element in place and ready for your content to be inserted. You’ll start by opening the block inserter, and clicking on the patterns tab. From there you will see a dropdown of categories […]

  • Block Patterns – Part 2

    We’ve discussed quite a bit lately related to the block editor and did a brief overview on block patterns in a previous post. WordPress defines block patterns as follows: Block Patterns are predefined block layouts, available from the patterns tab of the block inserter. https://developer.wordpress.org/block-editor/reference-guides/block-api/block-patterns/ So let’s talk about that. The first part of the […]

  • How To Build A Block – Recap

    In our recent posts we’ve been looking at different plugins and methods in building custom Gutenberg blocks. Like with most things in web development the options you choose comes down to the answer “it depends”. It depends on the goals of the site, functionality needs, the cost considerations, developer preference, and the list can go […]