Creating A Block Pattern: Block Pattern Builder

When doing some research on this series Block Pattern Builder was a plugin that consistently came up. At first I dismissed it because it no longer appears to be actively maintained. It’s last update at the time of this writing was 3 years ago, and was last tested at WordPress version 5.5.11 (currently at 6.1.1). Because of the lack of attention to this plugin, I do have to start this post out by saying that I can not recommend it. If you decide to use it, do so at your own risk. Because it has been publicized and it still does it’s job I want to show it as a tool of what can be done with a plugin like this. I will be looking at other plugins that provided similar tools that I can currently recommend though in a later post.

You’ll start by searching for, and installing the plugin from the plugin directory.

Once the plugin is active, you’ll have a new “Block Patterns” item in your dashboard sidemenu. From there, click on “New Pattern”.

This will open a new post page, within the ‘bpb_pattern’ post type. From there you can use the block editor to create a new block pattern. For using the block editor you can look back at some of my previous posts. I’ve created the same pattern that was created with the pattern directory tool.

With the pattern created and published, I can now go into the block inserter, search for the pattern, and insert it into my post. This is great, because I do not have to go off site to get, and use my pattern.

So, this plugin, while is years and versions behind, still does it’s job. If it didn’t I wouldn’t have posted about it. I think it takes a simple, straight forward approach and lets you take advantage of a useful tool in WordPress. Because the plugin is not currently actively maintained, I cannot recommend it. Hopefully the developer will pick back up on it and it can be a go to source for some sites.