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  • Custom Fields and Post Types Future with Gutenberg

    One of the biggest pieces of controversy in the early stages of Gutenberg development was around how custom meta fields would work. Many developers installed the development version of the Gutenberg plugin only to find that their custom fields were not showing up. This is something that sparked ticket’s and conversations on GitHub. Some developers […]

  • Helpful Gutenberg Plugins

    Gutenberg is still in its beginning stages but already plugins are coming out to make users and developers lives easier. Over time plugins will more than likely gain and loose popularity until eventually there are a set up plugins and tools that people just use as their trusted go to. In this post I want […]

  • Gutenberg Ramp

    Several months ago Automattic announced they had released a new plugin called Gutenberg Ramp. The description for Gutenberg Ramp states: Activating Gutenberg Ramp plugin adds a settings screen where you can enable Gutenberg selectively (for specific post types). For even greater control, you can specify Gutenberg loading behavior in code. Ramp works with both the […]

  • The Classic Editor Plugin Will Be Around For Awhile

    Matt Mullenweg said in a comment on WP Tavern recently that the Classic Editor Plugin will be support for years to come. This comes as a relief to many, but it kind of brings up a couple new questions, and a slight assumption. Assumption The folks developing Gutenberg are putting aside pride and realizing that […]

  • Time to leave WordPress?

    When the announcement of Gutenberg came out months ago in the development community, I met with some of the people I worked with and said it was something we needed to start looking at and planning for. In those discussions the question did come up what if Gutenberg fails? What if it completely breaks the […]

  • A new, modern publishing experience is coming soon.

    Today, with the release of 4.9.8 the much anticipated “try gutenberg” dashboard announcement made it into core. As seen from the above screenshot, WordPress prompts you to try “A new, modern publishing experience is coming soon”. Personally I believe that this is a great step in helping to ensure the success of Gutenberg and to […]

  • Another Gutenberg Transition Tool

    It wasn’t long after WordPress released the initial Gutenberg plugin that somebody released a plugin called Glutenberg. It was a stab at Gutenberg and promised to remove its functionality. After a few month time Automattic released the Classic Editor plugin that will allow you to turn off Gutenberg for your entire site. Overall you do […]

  • Gutenberg Disruption

    Gutenberg has not even been officially released yet and is already causing disruption in the WordPress ecosystem. Before I get too deep into this post I want to preface it by saying I am a fan of Gutenberg, and I believe in the long run its going to do great things for WordPress. I believe […]

  • Preparing for Gutenberg

    WordPress recently released 4.9.5, putting us even closer to the projected 5.0 release of its new editor project named Gutenberg. Gutenberg will radically change the way content on WordPress sites is managed. My personal take on it is after the dust settles Gutenberg will change WordPress for the better. With any change though should come […]