Page Builders – Elementor

Elementor is currently my page builder of choice for multiple reasons. I use it on a majority of new site builds, and I recommend to those who ask about which page builder to go with. In all honesty any of the previously covered page builders will work for your site, some offer better features than others but at the end of the day which one you go with may come down simply to person preference. Elementor is by far my personal preference.


Elementor has both a free and premium versions of it’s builder plugin. Most other builders give you access to things like a grid and maybe something like button with their free version but with the free version elementor you get a bit more than just the “basics” which is nice. The pro version ranges from $59-$399 a year and the amount you spend depends on the number of sites you plan on running with the plugin.


Elementor’s developer documentation is top notch and provides you easy access and information to extend the plugin in about any area you would need The plugin I currently manage has an entire elementor widget library for users to take full advantage of.

The use of Elementor is painless, and I love how unlike other builders elementor outputs HTML vs stringing together a bunch of shortcodes. In theory you could remove the plugin and still have you’re working content with a bunch shortcode text displaying all over your site. But once you go down the elementor path there are few reasons to change.

I hope in future post to dig even deeper into the builder, but for now I will leave it at saying it’s currently my favorite and recommended page builder.